Playfulness, togetherness, aliveness - all welcome

Upcoming classes on Dartington Hall Estate

The New Year Biodanza series is in full swing! - check out the schedule, price and booking information. Pay in advance or on the door. You're welcome to be part of our group!

Come along whether you know Biodanza well, or if you're totally new to it, or anywhere in between. We've had some great sessions over the last 18 months, with about 15 dancers each time.

Feedback - see below for some recent comments. Example session themes - see Biodanza FAQs.

Joyful faces during a Biodanza class

The invitation ... to you

Come along to a class, be welcomed into our group. Experience the joy and connection that Biodanza brings - can you feel it in the pictures?! This can then gradually expand throughout your life.

Remember how to play like a child, feed your sense of vitality in your body and mind, and feel the contentment of slowing down and resting together.

Everyone can dance. No steps to learn. Go at your own pace. Everything you need to know will be shown and kept simple, you can relax and enjoy. No previous experience necessary. Adults of any age.

"Biodanza is a conspiricy of love" - Rolando Torro, the originator of the approach.

Vitality, connection and healing with Biodanza

Biodanza is a carefully developed encyclopedia of movement exercises, that are skilfully selected and sequenced to make a session (vivencia) for you.

These exercises will stimulate the potentials in you for being energised, engaged, more comfortable in connection, and spontaneous in life - potentials that have become muted by the stresses and conditioning from our unhealthy society.

Research on Biodanza

Researching Biodanza "is like investigating a treasure deep in the ocean or watching an infinite universe full of incredible beautiful miracles." Dr Marcus Stueck, Univ of Leipzig. Examples are here.

Meet Geoff Green Picture of Geoff Green, 2021

I longed to find a place where I felt safe with myself, staying in my body, no need to force anything or impress. A massive contrast from my daily experience of self-consciousness and fear of "getting it wrong", always worried about others.

The wordlessness of a vivencia, the structure that helped me settle in, gave a simple purity where this freedom could emerge, perhaps for the first time.

I want to compose some of this magic for you.

Feedback from recent classes

"I'm so happy to have been part of that uplifting and positive experience yesterday. I still feel suffused with joy!" - M, Totnes

"I'm amazed at how so many people who don't know each other could become so relaxed together, laugh so much, and without speaking" - S, Dartington

"I can't do justice to the wonderful feelings of connection that you inspired between so many of the people who were present today. I'm struggling to put it into words, it was magic!!!" - D, Dartington.

"I felt safe as soon as I arrived despite being isolated for most of the last few years during Covid. I really like your teaching style - relaxed, flowing, clear and boundaried" - H, Dartmouth.

Next steps - excuse the dancing pun!

Read more about me and my approach to Biodanza, plus a description of the life-changing journey that Biodanza supports.

Please call or message if have any questions, or join my email list for updates, or our community WhatsApp or Facebook groups.

Joyful faces during a Biodanza class