Updates and connection with your Biodanza community

Stay connected in a way that works for you

I know that there are quite a few different preferences for receiving updates, and I'm trying to cater for several of these.

I don't want you to receive unwelcome messages, things coming too often from me, or groups having an overwhelming number of contributions that make it hard to see the headline messages.

Facebook group for my class

Here I'll post news about dates and a few other interesting things about Biodanza, that I believe might touch you. We can also use Facebook Messenger when needed.

You can view or join the Facebook group - either browse content as a visitor or click the Join button.

Shortcut to share: bit.ly/BiodanzaDevonFB.

WhatsApp group for brief class updates

This group is intended to be quick information about classes, useful if you don't like Facebook. Please text or WhatsApp me (on 07734 364362) to join in.

Email list for important updates

Send me your address, and I'll happily email you updates - in addition to a group, if you wish.

Geoff's contact details and availability

Phone: 07734 364362 - text, WhatsApp or call, as you prefer. Any questions are welcome.

Email: copy or type geoff@biodanzadevon.uk into your email app or click here to email Geoff. If you have problems with the link for emailing, please use the first method I mention instead.

Availability: I'm quite busy with my other work, but I'll respond to your messages when I can.

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