Geoff - passionate about Biodanza and connection

My focus - growth, relationships and connection

I've long wondered how to create a meaningful, safe and engaged life. From a young age, this got me interested in my inner process and that of others.

I wanted to feel grounded and at ease in my body, while also engaged in life and relationships. I was longing to connect with myself, my intuition, to break free and express my natural self.

This is far from a straightforward goal, especially with trauma in my history, as so many people carry.

I found various paths to explore this - spiritual connection, meditation, Tantra, dance, counselling and energy healing. Some of these I practice professionally, including as a couples counsellor.

My first dance teaching experience

Picture of Geoff Green dancing in 2017

For 4 years from 2016, I led music therapy sessions in Devon care homes, with some inspiration from Biodanza. What wild madness that was!

Such joy to help those elderly residents in playing and cutting loose, and boy could they, given the right atmosphere! This developed my flexibility and spontaneity - essential qualities in that environment.

Biodanza teaching - my experience

I'm classified as a student under supervision, having not completed all elements of my qualification. I've been approved to teach by my School directors.

I've completed the 3 years of attendance (several times over with many of the 28 weekend modules, due to how much I loved it), and led about 25 Biodanza sessions (including observations, more to do). There's written work still to complete.

With my other experience, and over 10 years of Biodanza, I feel at home in teaching.

From Sep 2019 for 6 months I jointly ran a weekly Biodanza class in Dartington, before lockdown.

Finding Biodanza - homecoming, joy and relief

I clearly remember the homecoming and relief I felt when I found Biodanza in 2011 - to play so naturally, freely and joyfully. I felt like I'd been saved, rescued to a place where I could connect safely with others. Picture of Geoff Green, 2015

It felt so easy, so obvious, yet so new and rare. I could barely believe it existed, it fitted so exactly.

How does my life look now?

Now age 51, I live in Staverton, with my partner, young daughter, and our very independent cat.

I love my work as a therapist, especially with couples and supporting relationships. But my heart also calls me to let those words go, to move and play, to go into that altered state that Biodanza brings, whether I'm teaching or a participant.

Qualifications - professional trainings

  • Biodanza Teacher Training (2012-date) with the Dorset School of Biodanza - see above for an explanation of my teacher status.

  • Dip Person-Centred Counselling & Psychotherapy (Warwick University, 2003-05).

  • Emotionally Focused Therapy Core Skills (2021): for couples, individuals and families.

  • BSc (Hons) Computing (1992-97).

Picture of Geoff Green dancing, 2021