Dates, prices, cancellations, location and transport

Upcoming dates on the Dartington Hall Estate

Saturday morning Biodanza with Geoff is open to all. Dates in 2024: 13/4, 4/5, 25/5, 8/6, 6/7 (usually every 3 weeks). After the summer: 14/9, 5/10, 26/10, 16/11, 7/12.

Book in advance or pay on the door. See below for prices, bank details, location and directions.

Arrive at 10am for the warm-up. Welcome circle and guided class from 10:10am (doors close as the first track starts, about 10:15am), finishing at midday.

Location - Studio 3, Lower Close Studios

Picture of our venue for classes - Dartington Hall studio 3

Sessions are on Dartington Hall Estate in the attractive, spacious and uncluttered Studio 3, Lower Close Studios (aka Dartington Space) TQ9 6EN, with its great acoustics (it’s a professional sound studio).

Directions given further down this page. Please don't confuse Studio 3 (near the gardens) with Studio 30/33 (over at the Hex, Aller Park).

Prices - on the door (cash or card) - £5 first time

First time offer, come and try out our class and friendly community, just £5.

After that first time, prices are tiered to feel good for you, to fit your personal circumstances. This requires some reflection of what you can genuinely offer in support of our community:

  • "Money is OK, I'd like the standard price", £13.

  • "I have some money spare, I want to be a supporter", £15-18.

  • "I'd really appreciate some help", £10.

I don't want money to be a barrier to attending, so please message me, let’s see what we can do. There's also some low price helper places available.

Prices - in advance for a series (by bank)

Support our thriving Biodanza community by signing up to a series of 5 for £50 (or more, depending on your circumstances), starting Sep, Jan, or Apr.

Bank details: 08-92-86 17393124 (G Green), with your name as the reference, to ease admin.

Cancellations of advance bookings

Sorry, no refunds or credits unless I have to cancel.

Lost Property from studios at Dartington

All lost property on the Estate goes to the Welcome Centre under the archway, opposite the cinema. Call 01803 847000 option 1 then 1 again.

Car parking - use the main Estate car park

The main car park is just below the Green Table Café, and is 5 minutes walk to the studio.

Directions to Studio 3 - from the main car park

Start at the main car park entrance. Head downhill on the left side for a few minutes until you get to the second right, with gates on it (see below) and a black direction sign saying Lower Close Studios.

Lower Close Studios from the bottom of the entry road

Go up this road, take the steps that are soon on your right (visible in the above picture). There should be Biodanza direction signs to help.

From above the steps, Studio 3 is straight ahead once you're through the doors in the next picture.

Best entrance for Studio 3

If you end up in reception, go right until you come to metal lift doors, turn right again, through double doors, then left to the studio (opposite studio 1).

Directions - walking or cycling from Totnes

In this case, you'll get to the turning shown above before the main car park. There's several places you can lock up a bike, just outside the building.

Beautiful Dartington Hall Estate - relax here after the class

Public transport

Bus 165, from Totnes to Dartington Hall (also to Dartington village, Staverton and Broadhempston), runs at least every 2 hours, including on Saturdays.

Maps of the Dartington Hall Estate and around

Here's a Google Map of the location (link shows in Google Maps app or in your browser), and a better map here (red pin marks the location).