Other regional classes, training schools, and more

Other Biodanza classes in the Southwest

I'm not aware of any other Biodanza teachers running regular classes in Devon. There are some great offerings elsewhere in the region though, and teachers may occasionally visit.

Biodanza Schools - training or advanced classes

These offer very deep experiences of Biodanza, without necessarily having to sign up to the full training or have an intention of being a teacher.

  • Dorset School of Biodanza - where I trained, with excellent teaching. Unfortunately it's no longer at a retreat venue, instead non-residential.

  • Bristol School of Biodanza - good regular weekends, non-residential, occasional high-profile guest teachers from around the world.

Others describing Biodanza

The main organisation for Biodanza and its teachers in this country is the UK Biodanza Association - they give their description on the page I've linked.

Research examples with Biodanza

A highly recommended teacher in South Wales, called Paola Jardim, gives a quite long list of research (at the bottom of the linked page, under the heading "Where's the Evidence").

Geoff's other work Picture of man speaking passionately to another

My couples and individual counselling website has more information about me and my interest in creating safe connection. Particularly with the Emotionally Focused Therapy approach, developed by Dr Sue Johnson.

As a member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy, I work to strong their ethical framework.

Class location links - Dartington Hall

Here's more about the Dartington Hall Estate, including events they may have on after the class, as well as maps and parking information.

Photography credits and thanks

Robin Shaw was commissioned to take pictures at a Biodanza festival in Dorset several years ago, with some great results, including the background image on this website.

Also a few from Pexels (photographer and filename given when you hover over a picture). Others are my own pictures, many from a Biodanza session at my 50th birthday in 2021!

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